Office Gift Exchange Ideas that Cut the Clutter and Boost Goodwill

In the coming weeks there will be many office holiday parties accompanied by the traditional gift exchange. Let’s face it, it’s hard to buy thoughtful gifts for people you don’t know personally. That’s often why the office gift exchange leads to not-so-useful items that create clutter in our homes and offices. Maybe it’s time to [...]

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Meaningful Gifts with Less Stress and Clutter

It’s that wonderful time of year: many celebrate the holiday season with special foods, drinks, music, events, and of course, gifts. Gifts are how many show appreciation and love. Gift giving is a nice tradition, but it can add a lot of stress to the holiday season. Givers face the financial and mental stresses that [...]

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Four Reasons Not to Renovate Before Moving In

With the urban housing market these days, many people are buying homes with ‘potential’— homes they feel have good bones and can be transformed into a space they will love. The prospect of living in a house that is not ideal or in poor condition means most want to renovate before moving in. Other motivations [...]


Continuing from Part I which focussed more on renovations, there are several misconceptions about renovations and rebuilds that often lead homeowners to make bad assumptions, causing them to end up in uncomfortable places. Remember, your home is as much about living your life today as it is about a financial asset that helps you pursue future [...]

Skip the School of Hard Knocks with Your Home

Get objective expert advice – just like you would for complex taxes and financial planning Your home is likely your biggest asset. Beyond the investment perspective, it has many facets that have deep effects on your entire life. Making decisions about changing your home significantly, like moving, renovating or rebuilding, should not be done alone. [...]

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Tips for Selecting a Residential Property for Renovation or Rebuild

It’s spring– traditionally house hunting season! Time for Toronto’s already busy real estate market to swing into overdrive. This can be exciting and nerve-wracking, as it requires fast decisions on big commitments. People are afforded more time to buy shoes than houses! Knowing what you are looking for and preparing in advance is key. If [...]

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The Trouble with HGTV: Entertainment vs. Education

HGTV is enjoyed by many Canadians. Programs about real estate, home and garden design, and renovations are favourites. I’ve watched many of these shows over the years, especially leading up to the rebuild of my own home. They can offer a wonderful way to unwind and fuel the inspiration to rethink your living space. Popular [...]

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10 Relationship-saving Tips for Major Reno/rebuild Projects

Reno/rebuild projects can tax a relationship as much as the pocket book. Why? They require a lot of collaborative decision-making, and the path to consensus is not always easy. Discussions can be fraught with emotion because of the central role the home plays in our lives. Home is a place we go to rest, to [...]

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Tips for Getting the Big Home Renovation Purchase Right

Growing up as the child of immigrant parents who started with very little I was taught the value of money at a very early age. This was followed later by a tutorial on budgeting and the importance of sticking to a budget to meet my financial goals. These basic skills have proven invaluable as my [...]

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Three Factors That Impact Your Reno/rebuild Timeline

Thinking about a major renovation or rebuild this year? Don’t dawdle. Projects of this nature typically take longer than expected. Based on our own experience, and my conversations with families considering major renovations and/or rebuilds, this is because most people don’t know: (1) what the pre-build process involves or how long it will take, (2) [...]

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