Skip the School of Hard Knocks with Your Home

Get objective expert advice – just like you would for complex taxes and financial planning Your home is likely your biggest asset. Beyond the investment perspective, it has many facets that have deep effects on your entire life. Making decisions about changing your home significantly, like moving, renovating or rebuilding, should not be done alone. [...]

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Renovating an Old Home is Like Surgery

Renovating an old home is like surgery: you are piercing through the protective outer layer and have to be mindful not to disturb the underlying systems and structures, unless careful thought and analysis has determined this is the correct option. Unfortunately, homeowners are often unaware of the structural and systemic impacts of their renovation and [...]

By | May 9th, 2017|Creating Your Ideal Home, Renovating old homes|

Tips for Selecting a Residential Property for Renovation or Rebuild

It’s spring– traditionally house hunting season! Time for Toronto’s already busy real estate market to swing into overdrive. This can be exciting and nerve-wracking, as it requires fast decisions on big commitments. People are afforded more time to buy shoes than houses! Knowing what you are looking for and preparing in advance is key. If [...]

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