Best Gift for Mom this Holiday Season: Lighten her Load

The holiday season is meant to be a joyous time of year. But, for mothers (or those in this role) it is often full of stress. Moms are usually responsible for creating great experiences around special occasions, and expectations seem to grow every year. Before I was a mother I didn’t realize how much mental [...]

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Unwanted Gifts that Generate Clutter and Stress

Have you ever received a gift, feigned praise and thanks, but secretly wondered what you would do with it, or how you could regift it? Many have, but unwanted gifts are seldom discussed. Instead, some politely ask for gift cards or create and circulate wish lists to guide potential gift givers, hoping for appropriate and [...]

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Five Top Consumable Gifts for Kids

Kids love the holiday season! And most people I know love buying holiday gifts for children– it’s a fun way to show their love. It’s also how some homes become overwhelmed with clutter. Toys take up valuable space and often more than they should. That’s what makes a consumable gift appealing to parents. Unlike more [...]

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Five Great Experiential Gifts for the Holiday Season

Scientific research shows we find material objects exciting at first, but over time we adapt to their presence and the happiness they generate fades. In contrast, the level of happiness an experience generates goes up over time. Unlike material objects, experiences become an ingrained part of our identity and, when shared, allow us to connect with [...]

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