Reclaiming time #8: Actively Schedule Weekly Self-care

Like many moms, I found myself in a situation where I was constantly giving to everyone. It often goes unrecognized, and I’m left with little – if any – time for myself. I recognized that if I don’t proactively schedule time for self-care: to exercise, see friends or simply take a break it doesn’t happen. [...]

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Reclaiming Time #7: Bring Take-out to a Potluck

Something I have learned in my efforts to reclaim time is, in addition to finding ways to do things more efficiently, I have to eliminate certain tasks altogether. I determine which of the many on my list are lesser priorities by measuring them against my values and needs. My mother would never... Recently this approach [...]

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Reclaiming time #6: Try Grocery Shopping Online

One major time-suck I have been working on a lot this year is the amount of time we spend on grocery shopping. I mean the full process: review/purge fridge to prepare the grocery list, meal planning, travel time to and from the store. At the store alone navigating the aisles and standing in line at [...]

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Reclaiming time #5: Go Paperless and Share the Load

This week, in an effort to reclaim time spent opening, organizing, filing/shredding mail of significance, I took some time to sign-up for paperless bills and statements. I had done several before and reaped the benefits, so I knew the time would be worth it. While dealing with one envelope at a time seems quick, it [...]

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Reclaiming Time #4: Deferring the Vegetable Garden

Reclaiming time can happen in many different ways and sometimes it’s by honestly sizing up the time and energy a potential project will take against other priorities and making a smart decision. This week, for me, it was deciding to defer building a vegetable garden until next year. Will this project make me happy or [...]

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