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About Kaav Living

KAAV LIVING is a totally new kind of consulting service for anyone who wants a modern, smart, beautiful and low-maintenance home without the strain of a stressful and uncertain renovation or rebuild process.

Thoughtfully designed urban homes are hard to find in Toronto. We know. We could not find one, so we created our own.

Now we’d like to make this process faster, less stressful and more accessible for others by sharing our knowledge, experience, and even the architectural plans for our home, the Benson.

How? By getting you started on the right path from the very beginning. Whether you are unsure what would make the best home for you or you intend to make major changes to a home, we can help you better understand your own big picture, the reno/rebuild process and how to move forward. If you choose a KAAV LIVING home, we’ll facilitate the build of our home for you.


KAAV LIVING knows what it takes to make that thoughtfully designed urban home happen. We’ll make it happen for you. Learn how.

The Inspiration

We were two young Bay Street professionals who wanted to live close to the financial centre in a detached home that would permit us to ‘live’, to enjoy life and not to be burdened by our home. We wanted a home that was well built, attractive and suited to modern urban living: light, airy, designed to maximize space, energy efficient, and low maintenance. We looked at many houses, but nothing fit our needs or our pocketbook. The only option was to create our own.

We bought an older detached urban house thinking we would renovate. After consulting professionals whose opinions we valued highly, we learned the better value decision was to tear down the existing house and rebuild.

So we did.

We learned a lot and built a great home that more than meets all our needs. It’s a calming, rejuvenating retreat where we can just live. We call this home ‘the Benson’. Now we want to help you realize this for yourself.

Choosing between renovating and rebuilding is difficult. Drawing from our practical experience, we have a lot of knowledge to share. We want to make the decision and strategic planning process easier for others through consultation.

If you love the Benson, we’ll use the plans for this home, work with the architect (KOHN SHNIER architects) and general contractor (Arceo Design + Build Inc.) who designed and built our home, and facilitate the entire process for you. From the inception of the overall strategy, including financing, lot selection and/or confirmation, architectural plan, demolition and construction, until we hand you the key.



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