Reclaiming time #9: Put the Kids to Work

This week the need to reclaim time turned the spotlight on my seven year-old daughter. She has more free time on her hands than my partner and I. We decided she is old enough to help with some household tasks, a huge part of the motherload. Not only would this help us out, but giving [...]

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Reclaiming Time #7: Bring Take-out to a Potluck

Something I have learned in my efforts to reclaim time is, in addition to finding ways to do things more efficiently, I have to eliminate certain tasks altogether. I determine which of the many on my list are lesser priorities by measuring them against my values and needs. My mother would never... Recently this approach [...]

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Reclaiming time #6: Try Grocery Shopping Online

One major time-suck I have been working on a lot this year is the amount of time we spend on grocery shopping. I mean the full process: review/purge fridge to prepare the grocery list, meal planning, travel time to and from the store. At the store alone navigating the aisles and standing in line at [...]

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Reclaiming time #5: Go Paperless and Share the Load

This week, in an effort to reclaim time spent opening, organizing, filing/shredding mail of significance, I took some time to sign-up for paperless bills and statements. I had done several before and reaped the benefits, so I knew the time would be worth it. While dealing with one envelope at a time seems quick, it [...]

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Reclaiming Time #4: Deferring the Vegetable Garden

Reclaiming time can happen in many different ways and sometimes it’s by honestly sizing up the time and energy a potential project will take against other priorities and making a smart decision. This week, for me, it was deciding to defer building a vegetable garden until next year. Will this project make me happy or [...]

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Reclaiming Time #3: Getting Rid of Kitchen Counter Clutter

In our culture we seem to correlate success with owning more stuff. But, what we often don’t realize is how much time all this stuff sucks up. Something we don't need added to the motherload. Remove just one irritating bit of clutter One of the things I have discovered is the less you own, the [...]

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This Mother’s Day, Give Mom Help and Get Her Out

As Mother's Day approaches, kids, partners and mom appreciators everywhere will be scrambling for a gift. It's often a trinket, a scarf, perfume. However, if you really want to make mom happy, give her an experience that gets her out of the house and her routine, and the freedom to enjoy it. This Mother's Day, [...]

Unwanted Mother’s Day Gifts

Unwanted Mother's Day gifts can generate clutter, frustration and stress. Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's a special day of the year for showing mothers how much we love and appreciate everything they do for us. It's a tough one to wrap up in one little gift and can often lead to frustration [...]

Get a Jump on Mother’s Day – Rethink the Gift

As a mother and a person who sees the inside of people’s homes on a regular basis, I can tell you what makes a great Mother’s day gift—and it isn’t what most marketing materials suggest. It is not stuff. It’s recognition, appreciation, support and sharing the load. A great gift gives some time back to [...]

Six ways to Simplify Your Home Life for More Romance

This Valentine’s Day, eliminate romance-killing stress. This week most couples will make room for love and more romance. One of the best ways to do that is to eliminate some of the typical things couples argue about, that could wreck a perfectly good Valentine’s Day. One of those things is clutter: too much stuff makes [...]

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