Summertime Tips to Keep Cool and Save Money on Utility Bills

After a cold, dark, winter, most of us welcome the first warm days of spring with open arms. We happily open our windows and joyously shed those layers of extra clothes we’ve been wearing for months. But then, as summer comes in, and the temperature and humidity builds, the excitement wears off. We retreat to [...]

Is Retrofitting an Old Home for Energy Efficiency Worth It?

With the increased interest in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a lot of talk about retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient, comfortable, and less expensive to heat and cool. While all homeowners will be keen to lower their utility bills and make their homes more comfortable, not all homes are well-suited for retrofitting.  [...]

By | September 21st, 2016|Building an energy efficient home, Why Rebuild|

Why Rebuild When You Can Buy Renovated?

Why go to the trouble of rebuilding a house from the ground up when there are plenty of beautifully renovated homes on the market? In the core of a city like Toronto, the housing stock is mostly old. The reality is that an older renovated house cannot offer what a well-constructed rebuild does: less maintenance, [...]