Reclaiming time #9: Put the Kids to Work

This week the need to reclaim time turned the spotlight on my seven year-old daughter. She has more free time on her hands than my partner and I. We decided she is old enough to help with some household tasks, a huge part of the motherload. Not only would this help us out, but giving [...]

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Where to start decluttering?

The more I speak to people about stuff and the home, the more I sense that a lot of people recognize they have a bit too much stuff and just don’t know where to start decluttering. There’s just soooo much and they don’t feel they have the time to pare down their belongings. No time [...]

How Much Stuff is Too Much Stuff?

Signs you have too much stuff Marie Kondo’s book and Netflix series has shone a bright light on stuff. Many of us are thinking a new about the stuff in our homes, in our offices and in no time I am sure – stuff in our cars and cottages. We have stuff everywhere. But how [...]

Five Top Useful Consumable Gifts for Adults

What all of these gifts have in common is making the effort to tailor your choices. A fancy bottle of merlot will sit on the shelf when given to a chardonnay lover. Finding out what the recipient would choose themselves will make it highly likely the gift will be consumed and appreciated. Here are the [...]

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Maximizing your Space for Holiday Entertaining

It’s December and the holiday season is pretty much here. On top of attending parties, purchasing gifts, and planning a feast, it is the season where I often transform my family home into a hotel and banquet hall. Sound familiar? It isn’t always easy, but here are a few things I would do, before we [...]

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Well-Designed Spaces Make Holiday Entertaining Easy

I love the holiday season. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and family, enjoy delicious foods and make merry. But, it can also be really stressful if you have to convert an already cramped home into a hotel and banquet hall. I know, I’ve been there. So, when we rebuilt our house, [...]

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A lot of people decide to renovate/rebuild their newly purchased home before moving in. While this may be appealing because you don’t have to spend any time living in a home that doesn’t work for you, there are important reasons why it is not advisable. So, how can you make your home more liveable and [...]

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Hidden Gems: Toronto Laneways

This is another post in our new KAAV LIVING series providing tips from city dwellers about how to best enjoy urban life. Contributing authors are welcome. This one was prepared with Sandro Zamparini, designer at Private Studio, who enjoys exploring Toronto’s laneways.   One of the most hidden, yet interesting things about Toronto is its [...]

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Four Reasons Not to Renovate Before Moving In

With the urban housing market these days, many people are buying homes with ‘potential’— homes they feel have good bones and can be transformed into a space they will love. The prospect of living in a house that is not ideal or in poor condition means most want to renovate before moving in. Other motivations [...]

How to Enjoy a Car-free Urban Life

This is a new series of KAAV LIVING posts providing tips from city dwellers about how to best enjoy urban life. Contributing authors are welcome. Our first is Faith Seekings of Rapport. She lived, went to school and worked right downtown for many years, and recently moved to the Beach neighbourhood in Toronto enjoying a [...]