Four Reasons Not to Renovate Before Moving In

With the urban housing market these days, many people are buying homes with ‘potential’— homes they feel have good bones and can be transformed into a space they will love. The prospect of living in a house that is not ideal or in poor condition means most want to renovate before moving in. Other motivations [...]

Top Ten Bad Assumptions Homeowners Make About Renovations — Part I

For many, home renovations are becoming a part of life. This is in part due to the countless HGTV programs we love, and the practical need in places like Toronto. With aging housing stock and high property costs, more and more Torontonians need to fix, improve and update their house to create a home. Unfortunately, [...]

Three Valuable Takeaways from Parkdale Renovation from Hell Tale

As much as Toronto Life’s article on the Parkdale renovation from hell inspired a big backlash on social media regarding housing affordability and homelessness, the cautionary tale behind this story should not get lost in this response. Toronto’s challenging real estate market is impacting all levels of society and pushing many into more creative housing [...]

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Create the Home You Need to Build the Life You Want

A common question I hear from prospective renovators is: “Where do I start?” There are so many different elements to these reno projects that it is hard for the inexperienced homeowner to know where to begin. They often get lost in the weeds, only seeing what’s in front of them. Maybe they call a contractor [...]

Tips for Selecting a Residential Property for Renovation or Rebuild

It’s spring– traditionally house hunting season! Time for Toronto’s already busy real estate market to swing into overdrive. This can be exciting and nerve-wracking, as it requires fast decisions on big commitments. People are afforded more time to buy shoes than houses! Knowing what you are looking for and preparing in advance is key. If [...]

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Where to Find the Money for Your Reno or Rebuild

Home renovation and rebuild projects are expensive affairs. Most of us are not in the fortunate position to use savings to cover the total expense. Where to find the money for your reno or rebuild can be a major stumbling block. It took us months to work this out. Though frustrating at times, we found [...]

Three Musts for an Adequate Renovation/Rebuild Plan

More and more people in the Toronto real estate market are finding themselves trapped in a starter home, unable to move to a larger house when more space is needed. Now they are looking for new ways to create space.  As a result, the number of renovation/rebuild projects in Toronto has grown substantially. Given the [...]

How Home Renos/Rebuilds Are Like Foreign Travel

I love to travel. Especially to places where the language, culture and landscape are so different that my regular points of reference are no longer valid. Believe it or not, renovating or rebuilding can be similar. The problem is that most people don’t realize that they are venturing into a different world, and don’t take some [...]

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The Trouble with HGTV: Entertainment vs. Education

HGTV is enjoyed by many Canadians. Programs about real estate, home and garden design, and renovations are favourites. I’ve watched many of these shows over the years, especially leading up to the rebuild of my own home. They can offer a wonderful way to unwind and fuel the inspiration to rethink your living space. Popular [...]

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