Well-Designed Spaces Make Holiday Entertaining Easy

I love the holiday season. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and family, enjoy delicious foods and make merry. But, it can also be really stressful if you have to convert an already cramped home into a hotel and banquet hall. I know, I’ve been there. So, when we rebuilt our house, [...]

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Why is Toronto Becoming a Hotbed for Home Rebuilds?

It is increasingly common to run across house rebuild sites in urban Toronto. I spot them regularly as I drive and cycle through the neighbourhoods. A number of different factors can prompt property owners to rebuild. Many of them co-exist in the current Toronto real estate landscape, resulting in Toronto becoming this hotbed for home [...]

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Financial Reasons to Self-Build vs Buy Spec House

When looking for a house, many gravitate towards newer homes. Some want new because it will mean fewer repairs and less upkeep. Others want new because modern design appeals to them. Two choices for getting a new urban home are: self-builds, or spec houses— houses built by a developer or builder before the buyer is [...]

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Home Design that Reduces Stress

When we lived in our old house, its condition and upkeep were constant sources of stress. What we didn’t realize was how much the design and layout of the rooms also contributed to our stress. This only became apparent after we moved into our new, rebuilt home. The difference was so strong I began to [...]

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Why Are We So Stressed at Home?

Research has shown that we are more stressed at home than at work. Why is that? Some say this is in part because the tasks and compensation at home are not as clear as they are at work. I would add that, at home, we can often be faced with challenges that we do not [...]

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Is Retrofitting an Old Home for Energy Efficiency Worth It?

With the increased interest in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a lot of talk about retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient, comfortable, and less expensive to heat and cool. While all homeowners will be keen to lower their utility bills and make their homes more comfortable, not all homes are well-suited for retrofitting.  [...]

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Why Rebuild When You Can Buy Renovated?

Why go to the trouble of rebuilding a house from the ground up when there are plenty of beautifully renovated homes on the market? In the core of a city like Toronto, the housing stock is mostly old. The reality is that an older renovated house cannot offer what a well-constructed rebuild does: less maintenance, [...]

Three Reasons Why We Chose to Rebuild

New houses in urban Toronto are few and far between, so if you want to buy a home in the city, it will be old, and likely in need of repair and remodeling. Maybe it is not evident right away, or maybe it is and you can live with it temporarily, but it’ll come. Then [...]

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