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Clarity for Homebuyers

We can help homebuyers and real estate agents gain clarity around what the homebuyer really needs and wants. We will explore and solidify the homebuyer vision and translate it into practical search criteria. Through a minimum two-hour session, we will discuss how the homebuyer wants to live, where they’re going, what they want out of life, and what is important to all family members. With this clarity we can define what the homebuyer should really be looking for.

We will:

  1. Interview you about homebuyer lifestyle and future plans
  2. Analyze these statements and what that means with respect to potential living space
  3. Make recommendations on housing options
  4. Develop and articulate search criteria
  5. Provide a follow-up report

This process will engage all decision makers and generate well-defined search criteria. It leads to a smoother, more time-efficient process and more confident choices. The cost starts at $500, which includes a two hour session and short report. Let’s start with a phone call to see if this is the right direction for you.

Clarify Your Big Picture + Imagine Your Home

Are you ready to make a major change regarding your home? Do you have lots of options but struggle with recognizing the best housing solution for you?  The first step toward making the right decision is clearly defining your big picture. Do this before investing substantial time, money and energy into the process of creating it. Not sure what your big picture may be? It’s easy to lose track of it as you move through your busy life.

In this series of sessions we help you better understand your big picture so you can choose the housing option which not only fits but also supports your life vision. How? We define your vision, then imagine the complementary home. This will save you time, money and energy going forward. It permits you to chart the right course from the beginning and have solid criteria in hand to help you decide which options are best for you.

This discovery process, assessment and recommendations typically requires six hours, divided into three 2 hour sessions.

We will:

  1. Interview you about how you like to live and your future plans
  2. Provide supplementary exercises to gain greater clarity and insight into how you like to live (exploring perceptions vs. reality)
  3. Help you analyze your statements about how you like to live and what that means with respect to your living space
  4. Review the housing solution options open to you (in the context of your needs, current living space, and finances) and discuss what it would take to achieve them
  5. Help you develop criteria to assess which options offer you a housing solution that fits and supports your big picture

This six hour process, done in three sessions, will provide you with a well-defined big picture and greater clarity about the type of housing solution(s) you should pursue to support it. You’ll also have clear criteria to use when making decisions to create your best housing solution. You’ll be well-positioned to move to the next step: finalizing the requirements for this home. The cost is $1600+HST. Let’s begin with a conversation to see if this is the right package for you.

“We really appreciate the time you spent with us, the thoughtful process and questions. Andrea and I feel more comfortable knowing what we are looking for.”  – Homebuyers

“I invited Alisse to work with clients that had given up after two years looking for a home. Alisse spent a couple of hours… They had huge smiles on their faces and were enthusiastic again.” – Realtor


Define your vision,
then imagine your home

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