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Building a KAAV LIVING Home for you

Using the architectural plans and designs for the Benson, we will facilitate the teardown and rebuild of your KAAV LIVING home for you. This will eliminate a lot of the stress, risk and guesswork associated with major renovations and rebuilds. Not only do we know how to plan and make this happen, we will take you through every step. You can even take a tour of the Benson before committing.

Our Process
If you decide to build a KAAV LIVING home, we’re with you from start to finish: assisting, representing, and acting for you wherever possible. Starting with the financial plan and lot selection or confirmation, we’ll navigate you through financing, permits and other paperwork, and your pre-demolition move-out plan. We’ll represent you during the demolition and construction, then finally, hand you the key.

It starts with a practical two-hour strategy session, to help you better understand the reno/rebuild process and how to move forward, with or without further help from KAAV LIVING.


Find out more about KAAV LIVING homes

To learn more, book a tour of the Benson or your two hour strategy session, please fill in the contact form and we’ll set-up a brief introductory call. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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107 Benson Avenue
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For the average onlooker, the process may seem limited to what is captured on this video of the teardown and rebuild of our home. In reality, the process starts long before the tear down.

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Every good build needs a good plan.

KAAV LIVING ensures a good build by organizing key elements like the architectural drawings, the demo and build teams, and assisting you with individual aspects such as finances, lot selection or confirmation, and minor drawing changes.

This greatly reduces the amount of time and money and prevents unexpected costs that are common with untested, incomplete or faulty plans.

The design is the largest element. We spent several years researching and imagining what we really wanted, then over a year working with KOHN SHNIER architects on the design of the Benson. We had to determine our needs and develop options. Then came many iterations and decisions as we honed in on the final architectural plan.

You don’t need to spend this time or money coming up with the right plan; we’ve done it for you, and it will only need to be modified for your lot.

Determine if KAAV LIVING is the right option for you. 

Choose a KAAV LIVING home to Minimize the Risk and Guesswork

Renovations and custom builds are full of unknown variables, particularly in the older urban neighborhoods. With our process you start fresh from the foundation up. There is no risk of uncovering unknown structural issues, faulty wiring, questionable plumbing, shoddy workmanship and other common renovation curveballs.

Custom builds not only include an expensive and time-consuming design process, they’re often difficult to fully imagine for people unfamiliar with architectural plans, leading to unexpected results. The costs are also hard to project because the final product is unknown, and there are often design changes along the way. With KAAV LIVING, you can tour an actual home to see what it’s like, and we can accurately project how much a Benson will cost. The final product is known as it has already been built.

We’ve already done it all, eliminating a lot of the guesswork. Not only do we know how to plan and make this happen, we will take you through every step.

Tour the home before it’s built

No need to decipher and imagine two-dimensional architectural plans. KAAV LIVING offers you the opportunity to tour the Benson, so you can see and feel the home before committing to the project. You will know what your final home will look and feel like.



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