What all of these gifts have in common is making the effort to tailor your choices. A fancy bottle of merlot will sit on the shelf when given to a chardonnay lover. Finding out what the recipient would choose themselves will make it highly likely the gift will be consumed and appreciated. Here are the five top useful consumable gifts for adults.

  1. For those who enjoy wine or beer, give them their bevies of choice or a gift card for a retailer that sells something they would like, or would be interested in trying. If you don’t know what they like, ask someone close to them.
  2. For those who like to cook, great ingredients can be expensive and a sometimes treat. Give them what they crave— if it is something that can be stored easily and doesn’t require immediate use. Or, consider a gift card to a great place to make these purchases and include your thoughts in the card.
  3. For those who don’t like to cook, give a meal they like, which can be easily stored and reheated. Items that can be frozen until needed are good options if the recipient has space to store them. You may need to make some discrete inquiries about storage and reheating options before making or purchasing this gift.
  4. For those who really enjoy their chocolate, choose some premium chocolates that you know they would enjoy. If you are unsure of their exact preferences, give them a gift certificate to a chocolatier.
  5. For those who like and are uplifted by flowers, a bouquet of flowers is a lovely gift. You could also give a gift certificate and suggest they make the purchase on a day when a sunny bouquet in their home or office would make a real difference.

Gift cards may be a safe option, but are often very appreciated. Choosing one based on their interests, especially somewhere they’d regard as a special treat or indulgence (as opposed to mass appeal standbys) shows you care and have given it thought.

Here are some great consumable gift ideas for kids. You might also enjoy an earlier post about meaningful gifts that reduce clutter.