Most of us have too much stuff and not nearly enough time—and our stuff is increasingly eating up our time.  We spend more hours and minutes than we would like trying to keep it organized and our space operational. Don’t give people more stuff. Give the gift of time— we always want more.

  1. For parents, think childcare. Kids require a lot of time and energy, leaving parents little time to relax. They welcome free babysitting. If you aren’t able to provide the service yourself, consider gifting childcare services. Tip: make sure your gift is returnable in case the parents are not comfortable with the option you chose.
  2. For everyone, but especially those who find meal-time stressful, meal prep support. There are a number of services geared to making home meal prep faster and simpler.  Some deliver the pre-selected recipe with all the necessary ingredients pre-washed, measured and chopped. Others require you to go to their location, where you prepare multiple meals for the fridge or freezer more quickly because they provide the recipes and necessary ingredients (and do the clean-up).
  3. For everyone, and as a special treat for people who do not enjoy cleaning, home cleaning services. It’s magical to come home after a busy day to a fresh, clean space that took no effort on your part. Or, gift the cleaning of specific items like windows or carpets, which can be big seasonal jobs or just plain frustrating and time-consuming.
  4. For those who need to pare down their stuff, a decluttering service. Many people are overwhelmed and stressed by all the stuff they have accumulated in their home and don’t know where to begin. A non-judgmental third party and sounding board can make this process easier and faster. Decluttering saves people the time they’d spend cleaning, organizing, and looking for things in their home.
  5. For homeowners, lawn care and gardening support. For many, keeping the home tidy and organized is hard enough, but add yardwork during the warmer months and the load grows. Lawn or garden support allows your loved ones to sit back and enjoy the summer season a little more and be less stressed about the yard.

Everyone can use more time. Ideas like the gift of time can be truly helpful and meaningful to the people on your gift list, without adding clutter.

Here are some ideas for consumable gifts, which also avoid clutter if the recipient really likes your choice.