Signs you have too much stuff

Marie Kondo’s book and Netflix series has shone a bright light on stuff. Many of us are thinking a new about the stuff in our homes, in our offices and in no time I am sure – stuff in our cars and cottages. We have stuff everywhere. But how do you know how much stuff is too much? It’s hard to know when you’ve been surrounded by it for most of your life, and even celebrated your growing levels of stuff as a mark of accomplishment.

The trouble is the over consumption of stuff, like food, alcohol, etc. is not good for us, and we are just beginning to recognize this.

So how much stuff is too much stuff?

When you can no longer store your car in the garage? Yes, that is definitely a sign. Even if you don’t have a garage you can appreciate that letting your garage get this full means the amount of stuff in your home has hit crisis proportions. This is kind of like letting the smoke detector tell you when dinner is ready.

Here are some signs that you have too much stuff:

  • Your basement is littered with all sorts of odds and ends that you haven’t used in ages.
  • There’s a lot of non-kitchen things stored on your kitchen counters or inside appliances.
  • You have a hard time finding the clothes you want to put on because they are lost in a sea of things you seldom wear.
  • Closing some of your closets or drawers is a challenge.
  • You have piles of stuff or boxes sitting in corners of your home.
  • Bathroom storage is full and many of the stored items have not been used in a long time.
  • Things are often bought unnecessarily because you could not find the one you already have in the clutter.
  • You’re using a storage service to house items that you do not want to store in your home.
  • You can no longer fit your car in your garage.

Why wonder how much stuff is too much now?

The curious thing is that until very recently most people did not even consider the possibility they might have too much stuff. For many it became the reason to buy a larger home or renovate to create more storage space— consider the popularity of the walk-in closet. But, due in part to Marie Kondo’s growing popularity and the ever rising cost of housing, more and more people are reassessing their existing home. Ask yourself: can we do with less? Would less stuff make a big difference to the way we live at home? Very probably.

It is much better to address this issue well before you reach crisis-type levels of accumulation. Not only will this save you time and energy, it will also eliminate the frustration and arguments that erupt when you have to search for things. There are several other hidden benefits like less stress, better spending habits and even improved relationships.

If you need help finding the right balance of stuff in your home or making it happen, we can help. This is not about minimalism. This is about realism. How much do we really need? How much should/can we storing in our home?