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KL In Designlines MagazineAn Unusual Approach Leads To A Perfectly Ordered Home

Designlines Magazine, January 9, 2015

“Where’s your front door?” is something Alisse Houweling and Greg Harnish are often asked about their intriguing Hillcrest Village home. Set far back from the street, the house is small in scale but visually powerful, traced by a single, continuous line of galvanized steel, which frames the roof and exterior walls like bold strokes of an architect’s pen. View Full Article


Building a New Home and a New Career

Toronto Star Homes section, February 25th, 2017

The creation of her new energy-efficient house from the foundation up spurred lawyer Alisse Houweling to leave her job and found a company that guides others through the reno/rebuild process. Read Complete Article


Village Living March 2017 CoverUpstage or Move-Up? Should you Relocate, Rebuild or Renovate? Surviving the Numbers Game

Village Living, March 2017 Issue – Cover Article

You loved your home from the moment you saw it and you fell in love with your neighbourhood as well. But now you might be working crosstown and want to live closer to work, or your family may be growing. Regardless of the reasons, your current home may not be able to accommodate your needs. This raises a tough question: relocate, rebuild, or renovate? Full Article 


Alisse Houweling in Hip Mommies ArticleTips From a Pro: How to Choose the Right Indoor Location for Your Photoshoot

Hip Mommies Blog, April 7, 2017

Elza helped us choose the Benson, a spectacular home with a very Scandinavian aesthetic. The photoshoot was a success, and the photography (as always) was beautiful. I asked Elza if she could share with us what she looks for when scouting an indoor location for a photoshoot.  Read on for tips, and if you are interested in building the home of your dreams (seriously, this house is beyond stunning) connect with KAAV LIVING. Read More


Alisse Houweling profiled on Hip Mommies for Mom Crush MondaysAlisse Houweling From KAAV LIVING Helping Families Create a Home That They Love.

Hip Mommies, Mom Crush, April 10, 2017

… I received a handful of emails with other moms graciously offering us the use of their space. This is how I met Alisse, and had the chance to visit her incredible home. Alisse, with her business KAAV LIVING,  helps families navigate their options when it comes to home design, and helps prevent the usual derailments that come with renovation or rebuild projects. Her home is comfortable, casual and yet incredibly modern in its appeal. See Full Blog Post

Writing as an Expert

Alisse has written articles for other publications as both an entrepreneur and as the founder of KAAV LIVING. She has a regular column in Village Living Magazine. Her blogs are also referenced as expert material.

Ten Things I Learned in My First Year as an Entrepreneur

CAWEE January 2017 Newsletter

It has been a busy and stimulating 12 months and I look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I started with an idea and eventually the business model took shape – KAAV LIVING was born.
Read More

Village Living Magazine

Valentine’s Day with Your House: Are You Making Love or Getting Screwed?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with your home? I never did until I bought an old Toronto house that was more stressful than restful. There were endless issues ­­ranging from small to big to mind-boggling, and somehow, I was going to have to manage to pay for it all. Read More

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