Birthday parties are a lot of fun for the kids, but as most of you know they take a lot of time and effort to organize, provision and host– part of the motherload. I spent about 10 hours organizing my daughter’s Harry Potter themed birthday party this winter. She loved it and so did her friends, but it was more time than I really had for this type of activity.

Recruiting the Partner

Thinking about ways to relieve this load, I realized my partner had no idea how much time and effort it really required. This was frustrating too. So, I decided to make a change to reclaim some time. I delegated the organization of my son’s birthday to my partner well in advance of the date. As he had never organized a child’s party before, I provided a limited amount of consulting support: best invitation practices, optimal party times for families and appropriate snacks. Otherwise, I was absent.

I had to let go of some control as well as worries it wouldn’t meet my standards. But, by delegating this activity, I reclaimed many hours and lightened my load. I also enjoyed watching my partner learn about and handle all the ins and outs that come with organizing and hosting a child’s birthday party. I came to appreciate some of the shortcuts he took when they saved time and didn’t impact our child’s overall level of happiness. It gives me great hope for sharing the load going forward and it made me more willing to accept shortcuts to make life easier– even if it’s not how I would normally do things.

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