Getting supper on the table can be a real time suck — not to mention stressful affair at the end of a long day. But, eating well is important. So how do you balance it with the rest of the motherload? Meal delivery services seem to be helping some, but they aren’t for everyone. Personally, I have spent the past few months refining meal planning to minimize shopping and food prep at our home, to reclaim time without committing to meal delivery.

Rotisserie chicken and Salad-in-a-Bag

One way I have reclaimed time is serving up a pre-cooked, quality rotisserie chicken and salad in a bag for supper, coupled with any other leftover side lurking in my fridge — often a quinoa salad. Someone will need to pick up the chicken on the way home from work, but everything else can be purchased during a weekly grocery shop. With ingredients that are largely ready to go, we reclaim time otherwise spent preparing and cooking. Meal assembly time is limited to the time required to cut up the chicken, toss the salad and rummage through the fridge for appropriate leftovers (which may or may not require heating). The added benefit, which also allows us to reclaim even more time, is that there is little in the way of clean-up.

Establish a few favourites that may change with the seasons, and you’ll reduce time figuring it out too.

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