This week, in an effort to reclaim time spent opening, organizing, filing/shredding mail of significance, I took some time to sign-up for paperless bills and statements. I had done several before and reaped the benefits, so I knew the time would be worth it.

While dealing with one envelope at a time seems quick, it is death by a thousand paper cuts. Time spent accumulates quickly, and so does the paper. Setting up e-billing and paperless statements takes a bit of time up front, but results in a windfall of time going forward. Imagine no more sorting, filing or shredding the regular accumulation of bills and statements that arrive in your mailbox. Thank heavens! Every year this task fell on my shoulders– another symptom of the motherload. It was never fun and easily sucked up 2-3 hours of my valuable time. Watching the pile of mail grow, knowing it was just another thing I’d have to get to was also a source of stress.

Bonus tip from experience:

Set-up a family email account (not a personal account) for all of these documents. This way, all family members have access, can be involved in reviewing bills and statements, and take action where required.

You probably don’t realize how much time it sucks up, but only sending these emails to your personal account means:

  • You suffer in silence
  • Your partner is completely unaware of the task and/or the time and energy involved.
  • You’re less likely to delegate to your partner.
  • There is no opportunity for your partner to observe how the task is completed.
  • There’s no joint ownership of this household task.
  • In the event something happens to you, it would be challenging for others to take over the task.

This blog is part of a series dedicated to sharing my personal experience in reclaiming time for my life, one small change at a time. When you look at the many tasks that make up the motherload, you can see how small changes really add up.