This week the need to reclaim time turned the spotlight on my seven year-old daughter. She has more free time on her hands than my partner and I. We decided she is old enough to help with some household tasks, a huge part of the motherload. Not only would this help us out, but giving my daughter a chore will help her to develop a life skill.

But what chore to give her?

It had to be an easy/beginner task that she could do without too much guidance; something that she cared about and relied on being done. I also wanted it to give her satisfaction on completion. As a child in a busy household, vacuuming the kitchen and dining room after a busy day always made me feel satisfied because I could easily and quickly see the effect of my work.

Vacuuming wasn’t a good option in our home, but the overflowing baskets of clean laundry sure would be. My daughter is prone to multiple outfits a day and quite efficient at sending them all to the laundry, whether they need washing or not. I thought maybe having to fold the laundry would cause her to rethink this habit since it would lead to less folding for her.

Save time and teach children good habits.

As a mother I find I spend a lot of time working with my children to develop good habits– time that often goes unnoticed, even by me. So, the bonus is that my partner, who manages the bulk of the laundry in our home, will be the one to teach and help her. I am grateful that he will get a taste of what this effort entails.

Learn how recognizing the extent to which the motherload impacted my life inspired me to make a series of small changes to reclaim time. I’m happy to share my experiences with you.