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Renovation and Rebuild Consuting

Renovation and Rebuild Consulting

The best way to minimize the stress, expense and time-spent on major renovations and rebuilds is with expert guidance and support, right from square one. KAAV LIVING provides objective analysis, planning and advice, from the exploration stage, through planning and execution. We can help you figure out what you really need and want, choose the best options and create a solid plan to make it happen. We can teach you about the process, help you build a great team and manage relationships, figure out how to live through it all and navigate changes that crop up.

The best time to contact us is when you begin to seriously think about making changes. The best way to get started is to select an introductory package so we can determine where things are and how best to move forward as a team.


The Should I Stay Or Go Home Audit is great for people who are frustrated with their home because it is not working for them, but haven’t decided whether to move, or stay and change their home.

The Clarity+ Package is for people who would like to make a major change to how they live, but are unsure what would work best for them and fit with their big picture. We’ll work together to determine what your immediate and future vision for your life is, what your ideal home would encompass to support your vision, and how to create it.

The Love Your Home Strategy Session is for those who know they want to renovate or rebuild a home, and would like to learn more about the process and how to move forward.

The Facilitated Build is for those who want a new KAAV LIVING home without the strain of a stressful renovation or rebuild process. Beyond the design and build of the house, we include services that make this experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Your involvement is limited. We make it happen for you.



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