Get objective expert advice – just like you would for complex taxes and financial planning

Your home is likely your biggest asset. Beyond the investment perspective, it has many facets that have deep effects on your entire life. Making decisions about changing your home significantly, like moving, renovating or rebuilding, should not be done alone. Like other substantial financial or life decisions that can have a long-term impact on your life, you’ll get better results with expert, objective advice to help you make informed decisions and solid plans. Disagree? Here are some things you should consider.

High-Level Strategic Advice Leads to Better Outcomes

People often wisely seek strategic expert advice to assist with identifying and achieving the best outcomes when large sums of money are involved. They consult highly educated or experienced experts, like accountants and financial planners, who are recognized to be more knowledgeable about the big picture.  These professionals help identify and achieve the best outcome for each circumstance by advising on things like risk and alternate options. This is valuable.  They ensure you consider all the right elements and your analysis is sound. Do you pay for this? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. The alternative is the school of hard knocks: learning by trial and error, sometimes never achieving the goal. Where your home is concerned, this could turn out to be a huge loss of time and money, with a serious increase in stress and disruption.

Your Home is More than a Financial Asset

The home is typically an individual’s largest asset. This fact, on its own, should drive people to seek strategic advice before making a purchase or significant change. But, it is the home’s additional roles in our lives that make it especially important to seek out professional advice. The home is supposed to be a place to retreat; the place where we rest and recharge at the end of a hectic day, so we can be effective in the roles that allow us to pay for all the things we need and want.  The home is also the space where we maintain and nurture our most important relationships and emotional wellbeing. Why would we jeopardize any of this with poorly planned projects that don’t provide what we need in the end? A small amount of objective strategic advice up front could save a lot of time and money, and minimize stress down the line.

Look for Objective Strategic Advice

Realtors want to sell. General contractors want to renovate or build, and a home renovation is an easier sell than a teardown and rebuild, even if the renovation is fraught with old house risks. Currently, there is no recognized profession that provides high-level objective strategic advice regarding the home. Housing industry professionals, like realtors and general contractors, while knowledgeable about some aspects of your housing issues and options, may not have the big picture or provide an objective assessment.

KAAV LIVING Provides Objective Advice — Homeowner to Homeowner

If your home is not working for you, and you are looking at ways to change this, we can help. Think of these big decisions along the same lines as those you make with your financial planner or accountant, and look for the same value of help they provide. Your home is more than a financial asset.  Consult someone with knowledge of the entire playing field, who does not have a specific interest in the outcome that you choose for your home.

KAAV LIVING is a home renovation/rebuild consulting company created by a homeowner for homeowners, designed to help homeowners make the best decision for their home in light of their unique circumstances. Book a Should I Stay or Go Home Audit or Love Your Home Strategy Session today.