Feel like you are on a hamster wheel every week trying to keep up with your life and all its commitments? You are not alone. Besides trying to cover of the essentials of eating, sleeping, working and managing kids and/or elderly parents in addition to the home each week, the expectations of what mothers can and should accomplish is at an all time high. What’s more, partners often have no idea how much it really is. Although there are many people in this family role, it is most commonly held by women and has become known as the motherload.

Unfortunately, when we are stuck in this cycle of never enough time and too much pressure, we don’t have the capacity to study the problem and find solutions. At times it may also seem like there is no solution.

Introducing a New Blog Series

As a professional and mother of two who wants a full life, I too have been on that hamster wheel and have struggled with trying to make the most of my time for years. I however, enjoy tackling complicated problems and decided to put my analytical, process-oriented mind to work on this issue once my kids arrived. Finding ways to make time for all the things that interested me had always been a challenge, but once kids were added to the equation I found the size of this challenge grew exponentially – and I too struggled even more under the weight of it all.

I have tried all sorts of things. What I have discovered is that the best solutions are not what we commonly do: sleeping less and eliminating ‘optional’ activities like time for relationships and exercise or any other form of self-care. Instead, the most effective approach is to completely reevaluate how we are currently spending our time and with it the tasks we deem ‘essential’. When I did, I found ways to reclaim time so that I sleep properly and have space for relationships and self-care.

Sharing Experience

While this continues to be a work-in-process, it has taken me to a happier place and I have decided to share what I have learned so others can benefit too – especially career moms who are trying to juggle it all.

Interested in getting off that hamster wheel or know someone who is? Tune in. Watch for my series of tips to reclaim time. I’ll share what I have changed in my life to use my time more effectively. Learn what small incremental changes have made a huge difference.