The word ‘home’ means different things to different people. But, in my opinion, the most important characteristic of the home is its restorative quality. It should be the place where you can refresh and rejuvenate. How you do so depends on who you are, and what replenishes your energy. How effectively you refresh depends on whether your home, or things in your home, make you anxious. Our old home made us anxious. After we rebuilt, we realized how impactful this stress had been, and how it had prevented us from being able to properly experience home as a place to refresh and rejuvenate.

How you refresh depends on who you are

What rejuvenates and energizes you? Some catch a break by lounging in front of the television in their pyjamas. Others enjoy chatting in the kitchen with friends. It really doesn’t matter — the most important thing is that your home environment allows you to refresh and rejuvenate so you have the energy to pursue the things that inspire you.

Old homes can cause more stress than you realize

Old homes that need repair and remodeling are spaces where replenishing your energy is difficult. In our old home, my husband and I struggled. While we had pyjama time in front of the TV, hosted friends and family, and enjoyed other activities, we could never get away from the concerns we had about the state of our home. It needed a lot of work; we were constantly reminded of the issues and challenged by how to address them.

By the time we tore down our old home, my husband and I were consciously aware of the anxiety our home generated. What we did not realize, until we moved back into our rebuilt home, was the magnitude of the anxiety.  It was huge.  In the rebuild we were so much more relaxed. Issues that previously created tension were absent in this new environment. No more dark, airless rooms; no more damp basement in need of constant attention; no more cracked plaster reminding us of the multitude of renovations and upgrades needed.

It’s incredibly refreshing

Today, we relish the restorative quality of our home. It is our urban retreat after a long day at the office. The place that gives us comfort and joy. We could not imagine life without it. KAAV LIVING is about making this urban retreat possible for others. We’d be happy to facilitate the build of your own urban retreat.